Vote Jessenation for Best Afro Artist of the Year at the 312 Awards!

The beat thumps, the soul soars, the energy explodes – there's only one choice for Best Afro Artist at the 312 Awards: Jessenation! 

This is more than just an award, it's a celebration of raw talent, infectious grooves, and an unstoppable artistic spirit. We've poured our hearts into crafting electrifying Afrobeat anthems, captivating audiences with live performances that ignite dance floors, and building a global community united by the universal language of rhythm.

Why Jessenation?

  • Music that moves you: Our original tracks blend the fire of Afrobeat with Jesse's soulful vocals and undeniable energy, creating infectious soundscapes that get under your skin and make you move.
  • Live experience that ignites: Witness the explosive passion of Jessenation on stage. Feel the electricity in the air, see the joy in their eyes, and let the music wash over you in a truly unforgettable experience.
  • A rising star on the Afrobeat horizon: Watch as Jessenation's meteoric rise continues. They're captivating ears and hearts around the world, pushing boundaries and redefining the genre with every beat.

This isn't just about Jessenation, it's about you. Your vote fuels the rhythm, amplifies our voice, and helps us bring the electrifying energy of Afrobeat to the world stage.

Show your love, unleash the groove, and cast your vote for Jessenation!

Click the link , head to the 312 Awards website, and choose Jessenation for Best Afro Artist of the Year. Let's make history together!